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Cool-Weather Wonders

There’s no need to wait until the warmer months to plant these hardy blooms

Don’t give up gardening in the Fall. Add months to your season by planting some of these cool-weather blooms and conifers in the Fall when temperatures are still crisp – or in the early Spring:


Among the most popular (& colorful!) flowers available at garden stores, pansies come in many different varieties so you can pick versions that match your color scheme. They thrive both indoors and out.

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

Love the look (and smell!) of an evergreen Christmas tree? You can enjoy these hardy conifers all year long in Zones 2 through 8 (see “What zone are you in?”). The densely branched bush has blue needles.

English Primroses

These flowers, which come in a variety of colors – from white and yellow to red, pink and blue – thrive in England, preferring damp conditions. They’re easy to grow, making them an ideal choice for beginners.


This annual looks delicate, but will keep blooming even after the first frost. Most grow 6- to 10-inches long with richly fragrant pink, white or red flowers. Prune them back after Summer for more blooms.

Get Vertical

Plant walls and vertical displays are all the rage right now. Instead of showcasing plants and flowers in a garden or on a table top, consider these more creative options:

  • Suspend pots from a horizontal bar. Assemble them in different lengths for visual appeal.
  • Create a garden wall with some cedar posts, wire, and a mix of terracotta planters. Hanging individual pots allows you to easily add new plants or retire others with the seasons.
  • Use an over-the-door shoe organizer and plant a pocket garden in it. Add drainage holes for easy care.

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