Feeling Great

Cheers to 10 Years!

Premium-grade products, an untapped market and fiercely loyal customers have propelled Le-Vel to the top of the wellness industry in just a decade

Le-Vel, creator of the THRIVE Experience, has charted some jaw-dropping milestones since its inception: Close to $3 billion in lifetime sales. Over 10 million customers. More than 30 patents. Over $1 billion in total commissions paid. These are truly remarkable achievements for any company, but here’s something even more remarkable: The company has racked up all those achievements in its first decade in business.

As Le-Vel and its customers and Promoters celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary this year, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette can’t help but take a trip down memory lane.

“We came from very humble beginnings,” says Camper. Unlike many start-ups that are infused with millions of dollars of investors’ money, Le-Vel was launched with about $130,000 and a bold idea to tap a previously untapped niche: While there were plenty of nutritional supplements on the market that catered to body builders and Baby Boomers, the founders discovered there was a “huge gap” in the middle.

“Nobody was focusing on the people in their 20s, 30s or 40s who were not necessarily gym freaks and not yet worried about getting old,” Camper says. “These people just wanted to be the best professionals, or the best moms and dads, that they could be.”

Enter the THRIVE Experience – the three simple steps that transformed the nutritional supplement industry. Le-Vel broke the mold with the THRIVE Experience and has continued to innovate, developing more than 30 patented products worldwide.

“Our premium product line is why we’ve been wildly successful for the past decade,” Camper says. “Every time we source ingredients for a new product, we never accept anything less than the best. That puts us at a different level than virtually all of the other nutritional supplements out there.”

But as the two founders reflect on the past decade, they also give major credit to the “secret sauce” that has helped to make Le-Vel the world’s largest nutritional movement: its customers and brand Promoters.

“Great companies are built by customers who love a product so much that they’re fiercely loyal to the company that makes it,” says Gravette. “We’re one of the most fortunate companies out there, because our customers are as loyal as they come. And for that, we are forever grateful.”

So, grab a can of OooWEE!, and let’s all give a collective “cheers!” to Le-Vel’s 10th anniversary!