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Lacey Wells

In January 2019, Lacey Wells and her husband were recovering addicts who were living in transitional housing with their three daughters. “It wasn’t very pretty,” Wells says of the family’s situation. After being clean and sober for more than two years, Wells and her family were living in a one-bedroom apartment and on a waiting list for low-income housing. They used bus passes provided by welfare to get around and relied on government assistance to feed their family.

Wells had gone back to school to learn medical billing, and her husband had a part-time job, but the two were having trouble making ends meet. Wells had taken a side gig with a direct marketing company but wasn’t impressed with the products.

Knowing that her friend was struggling, Wells’ best friend, who had been THRIVING for six months, told her, “You’ve got to get this in your body!”

“I thought she was blowing smoke,” Wells says. “I didn’t think vitamins could help me.” Nevertheless, she agreed to try the products for two weeks. And that’s when she realized she had gold in her hands.

“My whole vibe changed,” she says. “I felt energetic and hopeful for the first time in years.” As a new THRIVER, she looked around her and realized how many people she could help by sharing the THRIVE Experience. Wells had lived in Paradise, CA, a few years before the area was ravaged by wildfires, and she had several friends there who were reeling as their community was torn apart.

Wells reached out to some of her friends and told them that the THRIVE Experience could fill their nutritional gaps and help them start feeling better. She became a Promoter the next month and was receptive to coaching from her leader. “She basically held my hand and said, let’s go earn your VIP bonus,” she says. Once Wells did that, her leader told her to repeat her efforts. “I did my daily IPAs every morning and duplicated the same things every day.”
Wells also began sharing her story on Facebook, often going live to connect with others. “I used to be someone who wasn’t comfortable in the spotlight,” says Wells, who was so successful as a Promoter that she decided to put off her schooling to focus on her business full-time. “Now, I get up and shout loud and proud about the THRIVE Experience.”

“I felt energetic and hopeful for the first time in years.”

Wells has reason to be exuberant. Her family is now living in a home without government assistance, and Wells is more confident about her abilities as she moves forward as a Promoter. She hit her 200K VIP rank in January 2021 and says she won’t rest until all her team members have achieved the same rank.

“THRIVE has given my family many blessings,” she says. “Now, it’s my duty to share it with others.”

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