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Let’s Go Glamping

The newest upscale getaways aren’t indoors. They’re in swanky tents – and they’re fabulous In-room spa treatments. Farm-to-table al fresco dining. French-press coffee. Turkish robes. These are the types of amenities you’d find in a five-star hotel. But for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort, […]

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No-Cook, Healthy Lunches

Delectable eats you can make ahead of time Don’t sacrifice your health (or taste buds!) by grabbing fast food. Try adding some tasty new recipes to your lunchtime repertoire. The best part: No cooking required! Simple Peppered Turkey Wraps Wrap these ingredients in 4 whole kale or chard leaves: 4 […]

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Make Over My Shopping List!

Two nutritionists make your next trip to the market healthier Ever wish a nutritional expert would tag along to the grocery store with you and guide you in your choices? We’ve got the next best thing. Here, nutritional experts Ashley Walter and Laura Ligos suggest healthier options to add to […]

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Yes, Affirmations Really Do Work

Flip negative self-talk on its head Lots of us live with a nagging voice in our head that whispers mean little nothings: You’ll never finish that 5K race. You can’t launch your own business. You’ll never go on your dream vacation to Hawaii. Your brain believes what you tell it, […]

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Sleep Better Tonight

Try these bedtime rituals with your spouse, your kids and your pet Before you drift into dreamland, try these easy and fun bedtime rituals involving the whole family (pets, too!), so everyone gets a better night’s sleep. For kids Get ready to let loose. It’s time to jump on the […]

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Take Ten: Fast Fitness

We’ve got two quick workouts to give you fantastic bursts of energy throughout the day Blast Fat and Get Lean “The best 10-minute fat-blasting workout is a high-intensity interval, CrossFit-style workout,” says Angelo Gala, co-owner EDX CrossFit in Colorado. How to Do It Set your timer for 10 minutes and […]